Name: Brigitta Balogh


We have years of experience with the full range of flat and house renovation from planning to execution.
The works from the simplest to the most complex systems enterprise planning and execution of the following specialized branches:

  • Interior design
  • Carpentry and roofing
  • Lightweight construction
  • External thermo insulation
  • Electricians
  • Smart systems
  • Water, gas, heating contractor
  • Landscaping: bobcat, excavator
  • Digging wells
  • Production of rain and drinking water tank
  • Water softening and water purification systems
  • Window and entrance door replacement
  • Customised manufactured interior doors
  • Gypsum concrete staircase
  • Creating metal or wood gallery
  • Masonry
  • Tiling
  • Floor layer: original wood or laminate flooring
  • Air Purifying system
  • Air condition system
  • Alarm and camera system
  • Electric garage door and garden gate, fence, railing
  • Locksmith
  • Create custom kitchens and furniture
  • Material delivery
  • Properties equipment: full furnitures with all accessories

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